Monday, December 19, 2011

A Few Simple Gifts

Are you in the Christmas homestretch? Somehow, regardless of how well I plan, I run out of little gifts for all those people that I love. I've learned it's nice to have a few simple homemade gifts on hand to spread Christmas cheer. Here are some tried and true favorites:

How about some homemade hot chocolate mix? Here's some we received from some friends last Christmas, and it was deLIcious! Here's a recipe to try.

A country angel ornament is a sweet and thoughtful gift. We've made these before, and I think I might make a couple this year because we have the materials on hand.

Perhaps a coffee cozy for someone you love? I made this one years ago, and just heard that my friend uses it almost every day. Again, it's something so quick and easy if you have some fabric scraps on hand.

As you can see (above), I'm a sucker for monogram mugs, and *love* this little diy tutorial you've probably seen around.... now I just need to find some cute white mugs at the thrift store.

And then we always stock up on extra boxes of chocolate, bottles of wine, and homemade chex mix... and that way we have something waiting for even the most unexpected of visitors.

And now I would love to hear from you! What little homemade gifts do you go to during the holiday season? Are there any you can get the kids involved in?

Sending you much holiday love!


Anonymous said...

little angels are on our list too and will something we make today for some very friendly neighbors that we've met down here. happy crafting!

xo Annie

Adele said...

I must say, if you guys stay down there much longer, you might tempt us into a visit... some warm sun sounds pretty lovely! XO

Anonymous said...

if there was any room at my parents house I would invite you to stay here in a heartbeat. the weather has been great!

miss you all!


Johanna said...

I like having little extra gifts on hand too. This year I made a few fabric tree ornaments, they are nice to slip into a Christmas card. I always have a few baggies of homemade peppermint bark. I made jam this summer, so that is an easy gift and of course the old standby- baking.

Adele said...

Johanna, I love the idea of jam! You have outdone yourself as the mama to such a little one!