Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Work Day

What should you do if you're realizing that you're in a bit over your head with this whole Christmas business? Why, put on your elf hat and get to work! That's what we did yesterday after I realized that due to our particularly low key and introspective Advent, Christmas needed some attention.

Peppermint bark is a good place to start, because not only is it delicious and a nice present, but when eaten, it will give you energy for the other stuff.

The paper whites seem to know it's time to get festive, too! Will they still be blooming at Christmas?

Packages need to get wrapped, and then sent. Did you know you can print labels at home and schedule a delivery? I am quite thrilled by the discovery!

There's one of the elves! Working on a little holiday card garland, made simply by punching two holes and threading (not unlike the orange garlands, come to think of it).

And what's that? TWO elves with packages in hand, delivering gifts to some neighbors. Ah, yes, it seems that our little Christmas work day was just what we needed!


Anonymous said...

How cute! Love the holiday card garland.

xo Annie

Aindrea said...

Is it just me or is Lilly looking a lot like Peter Pan in that hat? ;)

Adele said...

Ha! It's true! A little Peter Pan. :-)