Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gathering Around the Light

Today is the winter solstice. Or, "the shortest day of the year!" as my little 4 year old likes to explain (and yes, I do beam with pride when her teacher tells me she explains this stuff to the class... what a little smartie pants). In previous years, this might mean that we do a special little craft that involves light, or make something warm and delicious to eat, or some other little ritual celebration of this day: the depth of darkness, which has a certain beauty to it.

But this year, the solstice has not really been on our minds, because not only is today the shortest day of the year, but it is the day that our beloved Aunt Irene and Uncle Robbie join us for their winter break: a day that we have all been waiting for for weeks, no months.

We will light our advent candles, and gather for a meal together, but the real light and warmth will be shining from our own hearts on this day! It is such a deep and simple joy to be with the ones that you love, in person, as a family.

So today I wish that each and every one of you may find that same warmth and light in your midst. And with that, dear friends, we are off to the airport for a welcome! Yipee!!


Anonymous said...

i am so excited for you! I can feel the excitement and joy!

xo Annie

One and Doll said...

Wow. What joy. What fun. What relishing their presence (and already dreading goodbyes). Love to you guys this Christmas!