Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Week in Photos: Part I

Merry Christmas, friends! Somehow, quite unexpectedly, I spent the last week entirely unplugged. And of course, when life is the fullest (and there are actually the most things to take pictures of!) I seem to just sit down and soak it in rather than take pictures. But, pulling out my camera card, I realize there are bits and pieces of our last week documented!

Homemade Christmas stockings for the girls... somehow I pulled it off at the last minute.

Two girls ready to go to our Polish wigilia. Bows are mandatory.

Christmas pajamas waiting on our beds when we got home from our traditional Polish Christmas feast. Did you know that Santa comes for Polish and German Children on Christmas eve (I mean, Santa can't possibly get to all the kids on one night, right?)? And since our girls are a little of each, they get a little something on Christmas eve.

Not one but TWO Jesus babies in our lovely nativity, now supplemented by a beautiful Haitian nativity set. I have no idea how this will impact our kids theology in the long run, but for now it seems harmless.

And then a super relaxed Christmas morning at home. Hugo seems to appreciate the hand puppets.

Some embers in the fireplace.

And of course some Christmas loot. Initial mugs and a pipe for Papa Bear, retrieved from the stockings.

And here's my Christmas confession. Our tree is STILL NOT DECORATED! Can you believe it? Perhaps this afternoon we'll do it. I mean, we are still well within the twelve days of Christmas, right?

Sending Christmas love to you and your family!

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