Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yarn Along: Halloween Edition

I wish I could say I was knitting up a storm or deep into some wonderful work of literature, but around here I've been doing little things here and there: a little Halloween sewing (almost done!), a little Martha Stewart Living reading. And the in-betweens have been filled with so much wonderful time playing outside, chatting with Ben, and even a little tidying up!

Oh, but I couldn't resist this little tutorial for a spiderweb frame (it's made out of yarn, does that count as knitting? I hope so). I actually just did the project in the last half hour while Lily was curiously looking on.

And here are some of our favorite seasonal reads, largely found through this wonderful list. Christopher's Harvest Time is definitely the favorite: and I have had to stretch my read aloud abilities through making up lots of little songs to accompany the songs in the book. Do you guys do that, too?

Linking up with the yarn along today!


Aindrea said...

That's a very cute idea! So fun and different. I'm really missing all the Halloween decorations from back in the US. I don't think I've seen anything remotely Halloweenish on anyone's door or in their garden :(

Pumpkin Pie Baby said...

I love the spider web frame. You can fill that will all kinds of pictures. Great idea!