Thursday, October 27, 2011

From the Mouth of Babes

I'm out on a walk with Lily and Hugo. He's on my back, she's holding my hand, stopping along the way to notice little things here and there. The day is absolutely breathtaking, and it's one of those moments that I'm filled with indescribable gratitude.

"Lily," I say. "What would I do without you?" And I mean it: this little girl who has such a spunky, joyful spirit, who literally gathers the family together (as in, walking around the house, taking each person by the hand, and bringing them to a central location).

She thinks. She furrows her brow. She puckers her lips (those of you who know Lily know what I'm talking about). And she gives her very best answer. "Clean up?"

(and note that the above tidy row of shoes was not me cleaning up, but rather Zosia, who is now deputy of the shoes by the door)


S. said...

We cracked up when we read this story -- how adorable -- and so true to the Lily we know and love!

Cara said...

So cute! Lily sounds like a character. Which brings me to: it's been too long since we've seen you all- we should have a get together soon!

Adele said...

S, isn't it just like her? Ah, I need to record these moments more.

Adele said...

Yes, I agree, Cara: before the truly cold weather sets in. We have catching up to do!