Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Boom, Bundt Cake, and Big Bear Hat

We are in the middle of a veritable baby boom in our neighborhood. Every six months or so, all the ladies of the neighborhood gather together to shower an expectant mother and new baby, which I think you'll agree is the best type of get together.
I believe in the last two years something like fifteen babies have been born in a one block radius. Of course we're thrilled, because that means a wonderful community of children for our own kiddos to grow up in. And all those cute little babies!

Ben took the wee ones out on an errand while I made a present and a bundt cake for our little shower. I was so pleased with the result. One brown sugar bundt cake to go with some pumpkin ice cream I had made the day before. One cute bear hat from the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew, in wool felt and a plaid I decided was colorful enough to be truly gender neutral (for our neighbors who don't know the gender of their baby). I was quite pleased, that is, until the kiddos got home.

Do you see who's wearing the hat? Yes, Lily. After I tried it on Hugo and realized that I made my hat entirely too big for a newborn. Oh well. Babies do grow, right? (note: I'm sure the pattern in the book is just right... it was my mistake in trying to size down from the 4t size I had already traced onto parchment paper).


Ms. T. said...

Darn! I forgot you had the Olive +S book. I just ordered the pajama pants and top pattern from them online to make Christmas jammies for the nephews and nieces. Either way, love the hat. Beyond cute!

Aindrea said...

....send cake!

Adele said...

I bet those pajamas will be perfect! the projects in the book are adorable, but generally littler in scale. Remind me next time to lend it to you!

Adele said...

Aindrea, I actually really need help with the leftovers. Half a bundt cake in your kitchen is not the best situation, especially around snack time in the afternoon. :-)

Confessions of a PTO Mom said...

It's nice to be showered upon, even if it's not baby #1 or #2 coming into the world. Our #4 was a little overlooked, something I am sort of sad about. Especially with all she brings with her.