Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Clothesline Fort

What is so magical about a fort? Somehow, the simplest of small, makeshift spaces can become a limitless vehicle for the imagination. To this day I love forts, and I think just about all children do, too.

We make them in beds, under tables, between pieces of furniture, but I had never made one on a clothesline, but then I saw this picture and thought, "Oh, we have to try this!"

So, humble as our efforts may have been, we did it. With just two big sheets and some rocks, we created a morning of great play, only enhanced by the "bow and arrow" sets made by the girls.

Maybe when the weather cools a bit more we could make a slightly more elaborate one and actually spend the night out there? What do you think?

And where have you been building your forts?


Aindrea said...

I have so many great memories of making forts with my brother as a really little kid. How fun for your little girls. By the way- how do you pronounce Zosia? It's such an unusual name.

Adele said...

Me too! I think that's part of the fun: getting to do it all over again. :-) Great question! Zosia is pronounced "Zo-sha" which is Polish for Sofie.

Aindrea said...

What a beautiful name :)