Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Shared Room

One of the many joys of having a growing family in a small house is all the ways you learn to share space. There is the dining room that doubles as an art studio for little hands. There is the living room that doubles as a playroom. The bedroom that doubles as a gym. The precious lone bathroom that, occasionally, while administering baths, doubles as a library or simply a space for adults to chat. And now, I am happy to report, we have an official "big kids room" that is a shared room for Lily and Zosia.

(the reading chair, moved from Lily's room)

It took a little convincing to have Lily give up her little room, but somehow, yesterday, the stars just aligned. And Zosia, might I add, couldn't be happier. She puttered around saying things like, "Now I'll never be lonely again! I'll always have company." (She had actually offered to have the baby in her room once he comes, saying, "I'll take such good care of him!") Her only disappointment this morning was that Lily wasn't still in her crib when Zosia rolled out of bed at 8:45. Ah, that girl has a sleep schedule after my own heart.

(And the mandatory 29 week belly shot. That little guy is growing!)

The girls have gotten together to lobby for their first major cause: to paint the room pink. It makes my heart a little sad to see that beautiful sunny yellow go (my favorite room color in the whole house!), but I'm sure this isn't the last time that these two independent souls will have their own unique ideas. So ballet pink it is, which, now that I think about it, is just right for these two.


Irene said...

How precious! I'm glad little Lily took the plunge. :)

Once Upon A Parent said...

Gosh the room looks great! How wonderful that the girls are together and what sweet words from Z.

Lauren Oliver said...

I love the room. I love the sunny yellow, too (perhaps because my own nursery was yellow, in the time before they knew I'd be a girl), but I think all girls have a pink room stage at some point! Congrats!

Adele said...

Annie, I'm glad they're together, too! And so far, so good. And Lauren, I do miss the yellow, but the pink is sweet, too, and both girls *love* it. And I guess it's their room, after all. :-)