Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Shared Meal

We've been rediscovering the joy of the weekend around here. After a year of working on Sundays, there is such surprising beauty in having a full two days together. The pace slows down. Ben might have a project around the house, I might teach a class, we visit with friends. But there's also a spaciousness to just being together. We take a nap, the girls play, I give Ben a haircut.

During the week I usually have preparing dinner down to a science: if I'm lucky, I'll have most of the prep work done at the end of Lily's nap so we can take a walk or go out for a bit before dinner. On the weekend, it's so nice to be able to slow everything down, invite little bodies up to the counter, and just enjoy the moment. I have wonderfully fond memories of working in the kitchen with my mom and sister on those weekends or evenings that were charmed enough to bring us together: she worked, we were crunched for time, but even so there was a magic to our time together.

So tonight, while the fried chicken was bubbling away in the dutch oven, we had a fleet of little ones working on dinner. The ultimate menu: fried chicken, chopped fresh veggies, macaroni and cheese and brownies for dessert. Lily set the table, Zosia made sure the brownie bowl was clean as can be, and we all received a bit of thanks for our part in the meal.


Once Upon A Parent said...

Oh how I miss sharing a meal with all of you. Let's wish for more shared meals in the not too distant future.

Adele said...

Annie, we miss it too! Yes, let's do something special before this next one arrives.