Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29: In Search of Summer

We took a little stroll in the country this morning-- a stunningly beautiful, magical spot in the country that Ben and I have been to, but have never actually seen (we picked up a friend there once at dusk, not realizing it was this whole arboretum). Quite the little adventure, complete with mythic structures, a treehouse, some horses, this beautiful old building, and so so many beautiful plants (oh, and some amazing barbecue sandwiches in a little town on the way home). Oh, it was wonderful, and all I could manage was turning to Ben every now and then and saying, "I'm so happy." What a gift it is to discover the freedom that we have in our family to explore the world together.

Where have your weekend wanderings taken you?


Once Upon A Parent said...

Isn't that an amazing place and a gorgeous drive. We were actually there just a few weeks ago on Mother's Day weekend. I loved it! You now have to go to the DC Arboretum. Let's plan a fieldtrip there soon.

Adele said...

Oh, how funny! I remember reading that post-- I must have subconsciously remembered it! Yes, we would love to get together at the national arboretum... I can't wait to see how it's similar and different.