Sunday, March 21, 2010


Dum-dums may be my new favorite food... Can I admit that? Okay, second to spinach and tofu. They were purchased to incentivize using the potty for a certain toddler of ours and have worked wonders on that front (this in an otherwise candy-free house).

In fact, it has been so successful that we have decided to extend them as a prize to anyone in the house who successfully uses the potty. Let's just say there have been more bathroom trips than ever. With flavors like strawberry shortcake, coconut, and cotton candy, who wouldn't love them? Delicious. And did you know that you can save the wrappers and send them in to get prizes? Ben and I must be particularly immature, because this has been very exciting to us-- as in, we actually talk about it at night after the kids have gone to bed. I wonder what we should get? I'm leaning towards the Frisbee. I think Ben should get the lunch sack. Who knew that going to the potty could be so much fun?


Emily said...

haha! I love that your households finds joy in so many things...even going potty! All my love to the fam. Call when you have time to talk.

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

We laugh and giggle our way through a lot of life at our house! Helps not cryin during the teen years. ;-)
We do TRY to make things fun succeeding sometimes. Cute idea! How's it going?

Kerry said...

Too cute! I never knew that you could send the wrappers in. Glad it is helping with the pottying! What a good little treat.

Adele said...

Sherri, it's actually worked wonders.... and yes, there's nothing that a good dose of humor can't fix!

Anonymous said...

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