Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7: I love

staying warm and cozy inside when all you can see from your front door is a huge pile of white. I love the picture of Lily, because apparently when Ben handed her the headband she, without hesitation, put it on her neck like this and left it there. As if this is exactly what should be done with a headband (I can picture her thinking, "See, mom and dad! I can do it just like my sister!")
And we are holding up just fine in this snow-- thanks to the company of some wonderful neighbors, a lot of hot chocolate, and a pile of firewood that my dad miraculously delivered right before the storm. Thank you all for your concern!


Once Upon A Parent said...

Oh those are some sweet shots. Just looking at the fire makes me feel warm. And the girls make me smile. Wish were still across the street, but sorry to hear you went without power. I hope you stayed warm by the fire.

Kerry said...

Really beautiful photos! Glad to hear your are doing well. Our next snow storm is just starting... nothing like yours though!