Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5: I love

Sledding. Which is perfect, because we have a couple feet of snow piling up as I write. Here are a couple of shots from some sledding on Wednesday:

Our little peanut, brave as they come, doing a little restorative yoga after going down this:

The very biggest hill in the area. Doesn't look too big, but you literally go airbound... and our Zosia was the smallest one by a couple heads.

And, despite my usual reservations about going quickly down anything that resembles a hill, I went sledding too (not on the big hill, mind you). And I laughed so hard that my belly hurt. I am also learning to love new things.

Don't forget to click on my love button to see all the love that is in the air. And I have finally gotten around the updating my inspiration list... still a work in progress, but a more accurate representation of where I spend my own blog browsing time these days. Enjoy!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

How. much. fun! My boys are dying to have the opportunity to go sledding, unfortunately it's not an activity easily accomplished in the deep south.

I love sledding too.

Kerry said...

Oh, I've been thinking about you guys with all that snow piling up! We love sledding around here too and I am sure that it will end up on my I Love list too!

Once Upon A Parent said...

Oh that looks like so much fun. And I love that you went down with her. So will there be more sledding this weekend or will it be all shoveling with the amount of snow that has fallen so far.

Emily said...

I was hoping to get a blizzard covered Virginia snow picture from you! It looks like loads of fun. I am glad you got out there and tried a ride too. Does Shelma like the snow...Phoebe thinks it is a huge bowl of frozen water for her to stop (or sometimes not even stop) and take a bite of!

Adele said...

And there is so much snow on the ground now! I think two feet or so... and thankfully, after a quiet power-free morning at home, our power has been restored and we have a warm fire going. And hopefully some sledding on the docket for tomorrow.