Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4: I love

dinged up shabby furniture. I love the way it warms up a space, and don't mind if the children run into it. Remember when I said I was planning on buying an old dresser and then refinishing it? A couple of months back I did find the dresser for fifty bucks on craigslist... quit distressed, not only when we purchased it, but after a rough and tumble trip back to our house. Now I just need to refinish it. Even though I have grown fond of the antique green color, I think it needs something just a tad toned down: a fresh coat of silver sage paint, the same color as my kitchen walls.

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The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Oooo Awesome, love that silver sage!

Kerry said...

Okay, so I have to tell you that I love the green on the dresser as is. However, I also love Silver Sage. It's on our living room walls!

Once Upon A Parent said...

Oh yeah you did find it! And what a great price. Either color it has such great lines...I LOVE dressers. And I also have a thing for chairs.

Anonymous said...

i've been refinishing old furniture, too. are you using any kind of technique to make it look distressed? i would rather mine look more weathered than just a coat of paint but i have a hard time putting too much energy into it... if there was a simple solution i'd love to know about it.
AND... very lucky find you have there!

Adele said...

Yes, Amanda, I agree-- I like weathered better, too. I'm just researching how to do this yourself: I've read that you can apply wax to spots that would be likely to get wear before painting, use sandpaper after painting, or use a crackle finish. Anyone else out there with experience refinishing?