Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tasty Update

Remember I said I was going to order tastebooks for the women in Ben's family for Christmas? I promised an update, and here it is, inspired by Small Notebook's discussion of recipe organization.

I'm always hesitant to plug products. We're all trying to buy less, not more. And I am totally committed to keeping this space free of advertisements. But I do mention books/products that really work, and tastebook is one such product.

In Ben's family, there are many treasured family recipies-- Christmas cookies topping the list. These are recipes passed down through generations of German women, taken into exile in Russia (there's a fascinating family story), and finally taken across the ocean here. They're so special and yummy, and here's the problem: with a large family (Ben's mom has nine grandchildren and counting), there is only one set of hand-printed cards. And we want these recipes to survive.

Then there are the other recipes: things that we sister-in-laws have enjoyed at one another's tables and said, "Oh, won't you give me that recipe." So our Collins Family Table cookbook has all these things. And it looks lovely, don't you think? I imagine an industrious and crafty person could pull together an equally professional looking book on their own, but I appreciated the help. It makes it so easy, I promise! If you want to see our recipes, you can "friend" me on tastebook to see them. And if you're on and have some to share, I'd love to hear about it!


Rachel said...

What a great idea, and yours looks great. I have wanted to do this for so long, but with special diets we can't use any of our old traditional family recipes. Maybe when we find enough new recipes that fit with our diet restrictions, we can make our own. It would be so great to have our own cookbook of all the foods we like and can eat.

Once Upon A Parent said...

That is one great looking book and sounds like it's filled with some wonderful traditions. That is something my family is really lacking. So nine grandchildren and growing???

Adele said...

Rachel, yes, it is tricky to accommodate dietary preferences, but I'm sure in time you will find how to modify existing recipes until they're just right. And thanks, Annie. I know, nine is a lot of grandchildren! I hope one day I will be as lucky.

Lauren Oliver said...

Adele- the book turned out great! I'm so glad you mentioned the site to me, and I still hope to use it to compile the recipes Megan and I tried using our CSA bounty this past year- hopefully not too long down the road. Thanks again! As usual, you are one smart, crafty (in a good way) woman!