Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Cosleeping Situation

Sleeping is a complicated subject in our house. We generally start out the night in our proper places: me and Ben in our room, Zosia in hers, Lily in hers. But by the time 8 am rolls around, we are often somewhere else entirely-- babies in grown up beds, grown ups snuggled up with babies on the couch. Ditto with nap time. And somehow, this seems to work for us: our kids are wonderful sleepers, we are rested and happy during the day, as are they. Truth be told, cosleeping helps us get a little more sleep than usual. We've learned that when we pull a little one in with us at 6, we can usually squeeze out a couple extra hours of sleep, and who doesn't love that?

So this weekend in the interest of facilitating this enjoyable little habit, we set up an official family bed. It's a simple foam mattress, only a few inches off the floor so we don't have to worry about anyone rolling out and getting hurt. It's in Lily's room, and has no clear cut rules-- it's a comfy and warm bed, covered with a nice down comforter, that is available for sleeping, snuggling, reading. As a graduate of cosleeping myself (I coslept with my sister until I was well into elementary school), I know what sweet memories cosleeping can lead to. Some of my own fondest childhood memories were formed while snuggling and laughing at bedtime, telling stories, waking up together.

Somehow, our own family bed has turned into a favorite play area for toddler, baby, and parents. One day I would love to transition our kids into a full time cosleeping situation with one another. But in the mean time, we're enjoying the flexibility, warmth, and sweetness of our little cosleeping situation.

Completed in 14 minutes.

This is part of Steady Mom's 30-minute blog challenge.


Once Upon A Parent said...

That sounds so snuggly! I am trying to figure out how to incorporate more co-sleeping into our house with a husband who is not a huge fan. Funny that he co-slept for such a long time, but is not really into it as an adult.

Kim & Dave said...

Fun times! Sounds so cuddly!

I can't say it would work for us-but I'm glad it works for you! :)

se7en said...

I also planned a sleep post for this week, but it grew and grew and went totally wild... I need to tame it a bit!!! It went long past 30 minutes and I was still going strong!!! Love the family bed - we have been doing it forever and wouldn't change it for the world.