Thursday, January 14, 2010


My heart has been elsewhere these past few days. I lay awake at night, thinking about other mothers, other children who are hurt, separated, terrified. My heart is with them, sending prayers for healing and hope amid the wreckage in Haiti. My heart, that same heart that was opened and expanded by love for my own two children, has been broken.

Just like you, we have been earnestly praying. And just like you, we are saving every last penny we can scrounge to send over there.

Here's where we're planning on sending our money. But really, there are so many organizations who are diving into the relief effort.

And I'm holding on so close to those people that I love, laughing at my own selfishness and childishness, trying not to let this harden my heart. And praying. Because sometimes that's all you can really manage.

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