Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Picnic Blanket Success

Some projects just work, while others, needless to say, do not. So I am happy to report that the little crafty Christmas overflow that occupied my free moments yesterday was a success. In fact, all of the creatures loved the picnic blanket from the moments that I started the project-- it seemed to be a full time project to keep all members of the family, four-legged included, off of the project. And who could blame them? What's more comfy than some soft sheets sewn together, padded with some batting, and spread on the floor? It took all my self restraint to keep myself off of the blanket.

Here's the basic gist of it: grab some old sheets or pick some up at a thrift store (they recommend 8 types of fabric... I only had four, which was fine), a slightly more sturdy piece of material for the backing and some light batting for the fill. Once you've gathered the materials, you're just a few steps away from a comfy blanket heavy enough not to blow away in the breeze (and if you add the rock pockets, you can really make sure it stays down). Lovely!

And who cares that it's not exactly picnic weather outside today? We have already had one indoor tea party picnic this morning... and hopefully more to come. And the blanket was ready just in time for someone special's birthday-- and matches wonderfully with his present; two lawn tickets to see a Prairie Home Companion this spring. I can already taste the wine, picnic food, and warm breeze.

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Susan Tipton said...

I'm impressed. That's a nice looking picnic blanket:)

Adele said...

Thank you! But believe me, if you knew the extent (or lack there of) of my crafting skills you would understand that this pattern works miracles. ;-)

se7en said...

Love it!!! WOW, you are just brilliant!!!

vriddle07 said...

Lovely project. And I am so envious of your tickets to see Prairie Home Companion! Sounds like fun:)

~Found you via Steady Mom