Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crafty Momentum

I'm not a true crafter-- not like some amazing men and women I have met who cannot live without some sort of craft to be working on. But I must say, this holiday season in particular has cultivated a love for making things: the patient and slow progress of knitting, gratifyingly quick little sewing projects. And even though my Christmas crafting is completed, I still have this lingering itch to be working on something.

Today's beautiful sunny day (much more like spring, not winter at all) has propelled me to work on this sweet picnic blanket. Something for which I have been gathering bedsheets at the thrift store for months now, and something that makes me remember the joy of being outside when the ground dries up a bit.

There seems to be so much crafting energy out there, doesn't there? What has inspired you? What are you working on?

And for those who need some inspiration, here are links to some of my favorite Christmas projects (whose progress you may have tracked):
* The Milo vest that I made for Zosia, Lily, and another little girl I love (sorry... you need to set up a ravelry account... which, as I remember, isn't too tricky)
* A country angel that won my mother's heart-- this pattern is free and quite easy to make.
* A button tree quite similar to this one, whose picture I forgot to snap before it's voyage to it's new home.

Now what has inspired you?

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