Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Just when I thought we might have missed it, we're sick-- all of us. We've had a few of those nights where the boundary between day and night seems to blend-- both kids in bed with us, all of us sniffly and tired. We've had a few of those days when there seems to be little to make it all better except for cooking shows and Popsicles, a fire in the fire place and some chicken soup.

It's definitely yucky, but nice to be close to one another. And nice to count our blessings. Like that we have each other, we have nothing more than some icky colds, and we have a warm cozy house to hunker down in. That Ben has been taking care of us, and now that he's down with it, I have enough energy to take care of him. And that the mood feels just perfect for finally finishing up that scarf I started years ago.

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Once Upon a Parent said...

I sure hope you all feel better soon. Germs germs go away and don't come again any other day!