Monday, November 2, 2009

Sick Days

We're still here, albeit tired and sluggish versions of ourselves after a week of illness. I have discovered a few things, including that it's very hard to care for two sick babies when you are sick, that I am surrounded by some of the most loving and selfless people out there, and that good health is truly a blessing. And that sleep is a wonderful thing... oh, wait. I have not quite yet been able to experience that wonderful thing.

We did a little bit of groggy trick or treating in the rain, but have mainly been inside these days, doing things like taking naps, playing with blocks, and occasionally sneaking a look at the beautiful autumn leaves. And friends and relatives have been rotating through to help give us adults a break, and as Ben has gotten his strength back he has been taking care of all of us. But it has been slow and quiet, and I have come to realize that even after two quick and easy natural childbirths, I am a weak person who can be brought down by a cold. So much for invincibility.

And somehow these two little blessings have given me so many lessons on strength, focus, and just being joyful in the moment-- not my forte when I'm imagining days of slogging through a sickness. But I am happy to report that we have rounded a corner-- my being here to write a few words being testament to that fact. I'm enjoying the new eyes that such sickness give-- eyes that see the beauty in the tiny little details all around.


Sloane Kuney Rosenthal said...

I'm so sorry you all have been sick! We were looking for you all on Halloween and were surprised we didn't see you -- I wish there were a happier explanation! Please let us know if there's anything we can do...

Adele said...

That's so sweet, Sloane! We'll have to dress the kids back up and take them by your place... I'm sure they'll take any excuse to get dressed back up. ;-)