Thursday, August 6, 2009

Repurposed Bookshelf

Thanks to a tip from our friend Carolyn, I have re-purposed a standing bookshelf that we no longer have space for as a reading bench for Z. She loves it, and it fits perfectly under the window in her room. So far there is a lot of standing, lying, and playing that goes on the bench. With time I'm hoping that the reading will happen. There is, however, lots of reading that happens on the love seat in the living room. As you can see from this picture of Zosia (and if you look closely you can see Lily, who has been given a toy by Zosia).


Once Upon a Parent said...

Very cool idea! I am sure that she will do lots of reading on it, but it also looks like a great place for all kinds of playing!

satakieli said...

Hi, i just hopped on by via one of your comments on Small Notebook. I love that idea for the bookshelf! I have a "spare" IKEA bookshelf laying around in the spare room, looking for a home, and now you've given me an idea. Does it hold up well with little ones climbing on it?

And also, I am in love with that chair on the last picture!

Adele Collins said...

Glad you like it! If only I could take credit. ;-) Yes, it has held up surprisingly well so far, and my wee one is a biggy weighing in at 30 pounds(!). Hope it works with your bookshelf.