Friday, June 19, 2009

Pimples and Hairloss

Here's a little story about things they don't tell you about pregnancy. During pregnancy, most women develop a gloriously full, thick head of hair. You know how usually in the shower, or when you brush your hair a good amount comes off? That doesn't happen. And your skin becomes totally clear-- not a blemish in sight. The whole "pregnancy glow" thing? Totally true. All of this, of course, makes getting to be ginormous much more bearable.

But then, right about two or three months after the baby is born, just when you've started to believe that maybe, just maybe, by some miracle, these remnants of pregnancy are yours to keep, the spell is broken. You wake up one morning with pimples on your chin and gobs of hair falling out in the shower (I remember my mom told me she wasn't informed about this, and grew convinced that she was dying of some horrendous illness until someone said, "Nope... it happens to all of us"). The clock has struck midnight. Argh.

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