Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally Some Lily!

Sorry I've been so slack about Lily pictures. The truth is, newborn babies sleep A LOT. And during the day, literally every time that Lily is awake, Zosia is awake too, and happens to be obsessed with the camera. Which means that every time I pull it out to take pictures, Zosia runs after me yelling "Camera? Camera? Picture!" and tries to grab the camera. And then Lily's awake in the evening for a bit after Zosia, but the lighting sucks for pictures. So today, finally, I had a moment that Zosia was entertained with something else and I could take some pictures of this cutie-pie. Ta-da!


KRM said...

Ok seriously she is ADORABLE - love the tongue sticking out:)

Emily said...

oh darn, I can't see the pictures. I will check my setting and try back!

Lauren Oliver said...

I can't see them either...?!