Monday, June 22, 2009

Open Spaces

This year we had a Father's Day weekend. And not just any weekend-- a LONG weekend. Which was fun, because on actual Father's Day we knew that we would be preparing for and then hosting a big old family party, which is really fun, but totally exhausting, and not really a fitting "Father's Day" for Ben. Saturday we went to see friends in the morning, and then had one of those wonderful lazy Saturday afternoons where you wonder what you'll do, and then end up doing nothing, except sitting in the front yard and watching your toddler play in the kiddie pool while talking to neighbors.

Sunday was, despite our best attempts at getting ready before hand, a day of scrambling to get everything together for the family barbecue, which ended up being a lot of fun. Man, we're lucky to be raising our kids in this amazing extended family.

And then today, we packed up the family and drove a couple of towns over to Frying Pan Park, which is this wonderful farm open to the public. Zosia is obsessed with animals, so she was in heaven running from one animal to the next, and Ben and I got to just soak up the joy of being together as a family, being outside in stunning weather, and being on a farm.

We love our cozy little home tucked away in a poplar forest. It's so shady and relaxing and nice. I like that we are so tiny compared to the towering trees, that it gives you a sense of perspective. The trees were here way before we were, and will probably hang around for a long time after. But there's something so breathtaking about the open spaces that you see on a farm. I was amazed by the clouds, and made some comment to Ben about them, and he was just like, "Yeah, those clouds are normal, but you just can't normally see them because of all of the trees." Which is true. So it was really nice to spend the morning on a farm where you get a sense of how spacious the world really is.

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