Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Hunt Begins

We are officially looking for a mother's helper.

I got the idea a while ago, when I saw how thrilled Zosia is to play with her 4th and 6th grade cousins. When they're around, she's so happy, and they (especially the very mature 4th grader) are excited to hang out with her. So the idea of a mother's helper, which is basically a kid that comes in while you are at home to help with your kids, sounds pretty good. After talking to some moms who love having one themselves (and love the cost, which is less than half what you would pay for an actual sitter), I'm on board. Not only would it give me time to catch up on stuff around the house, but it would be amazing to actually start up some real writing, which I am looking forward to. And since I would be around the house, it would be a nice and easy transition for Zosia.

Now, I just have to find one such kid, which unfortunately, might be slightly difficult. Here in the DC suburbs, kids are overscheduled to say the least. So by this point in the summer, it's going to be hard to find a kid that doesn't have summer camps or other activities scheduled. But I've started asking around, and am hoping to post something at the pool up the street. My fingers are crossed!

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