Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't Try this at home

A friend gave me some formula that her daughter never used up. As you all know, we are not a formula family. Zosia has never had a taste of the stuff, and I would love to keep it the same way with Lily. But, I'm not super into the pumping since I'm essentially always close enough to whip out a boob, so I gratefully accepted the formula, should there be some sort of emergency situation when I'm out of the house and Ben has a hungry baby.

This morning we ran out of milk. Ben doesn't mind his coffee black, but I have a strong preference for milk in mine, and that can of formula was just sitting out on the counter, so I thought, "Why not?" One scoop gave the coffee a nice creamy color. It's just glorified milk, right? Unfortunately, it tastes like junk. I spat it out. I guess formula is fortified with iron, so it tastes really... metally. Which is, I suppose, why most people don't cream their coffee with formula. Next test: breast milk.

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