Sunday, June 14, 2009


We have all sorts of sprouting happening here in the household. Which is wonderful, because a) I had started believing that Virginia soil is cursed, b) I am feeling very sleepy today, so it's nice to have some gratification.
First, in the garden:
Some lovely little basil sprouts, which will hopefully turn into:

Some lovely mature basil plants.

The first fruits of our fig tree, the best mother's day present ever from Irene and Robbie. (Fresh figs are my favorite food, but hard to come by, so now I have some on my deck).

An adorable little baby sprout. Possibly one of the sweetest, gentlest babies ever created, but currently a fitful napper... which is why my shoulder is sore from carrying her in a sling, and I am really tired at the end of each day. But I don't think we could love her more.

Some sprouting creativity from our resident artist. Z requested to sit on the back porch to do her coloring yesterday, and after completing this composition, announced, "Trees." Once again, I have to say, not too bad for a one and a half year old. And below, her inspiration (the trees you can see from our deck... I tried to capture them, but they're too darn tall).

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