Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dressing for Two

Generally, in the summer time I'm wearing a dress most of the time-- it's more comfortable, cool, and makes it easy to dress in the morning. These days, though, when I go to the closet, there seem to be an endless list of criteria that must be met for any dress. It has to be long enough that I can comfortably sit down and keep after Zosia. It has to be conducive to nursing, which means that it has to either have buttons or have a flexible neckline. And, hopefully, I like the pattern/cut (I love this type of vintagey dress, but almost all of them have necks that are too high for nursing). Finding a dress that meets all of these criteria has been very very difficult. I have one dress that meets the criteria, and my one trip to Target to find another was unsuccessful. If I can find one or two more, I'll be able to make it through the summer.

I think that dressing for having a newborn is as substantial a paradigm shift as dressing for pregnancy. Most people take a while to develop their own personal style, which is a struggle in and of itself. And then when you throw in all of these other criteria it becomes all together difficult.

Which means that after a good look for some dresses that work, I'll probably just give up. And realize that in a year or so, my body will be slightly more my own than it is now.

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