Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Wearing

I, for one, am a fan of baby wearing. Mainly because it makes life easy. Both of my kids are champion nappers when they're in a baby carrier. And since they're strapped to me, I can go about doing my regular daily stuff without having to worry that they're waking up, or whatever, because I can immediately tell if they start to stir. There's even research out there about how babies that are worn for a certain amount of time every day are less cranky, sleep better at night, and a multitude of other good stuff.

But, I do have some preferences when it comes to baby wearing. I have done the sling, and like the versatility, etc, but just can't do it on a day to day basis, because it kills my shoulder/back. I have watched videos about how to do it, gotten advice, switched slings, before giving up. I just don't think it's going to work for me. But I do love using our Ergo-- a baby carrier that can either be worn on your front (when they're little), on your back, or on your side (when they're older). It's been great, and while if I do two full naps while wearing a baby, my shoulders are a little sore at the end of the day, it's nothing that isn't remedied by a quick backrub in the evening. Since we haven't gotten a double stroller yet for Zosia and Lily, I literally wear Lily everywhere we go. One of our neighbors wasn't sure if I had given birth yet or was still pregnant because she always sees me with this huge bulge on my front! I think the Ergo would work with older kids, but to be honest, Zosia is pretty over it. She's way too independent to allow herself to be strapped to anyone. But who knows, maybe our little snuggle-bun #2 will enjoy it through toddlercy. I have certainly been enjoying the increased mobility that having her in one affords me.


Emily said...

So good to see you and Lilly. It looks like you are out on an adventure walk. So a question about the it only for parents, or can by default family (ie. godmothers) use it too!!...just kidding, just holding the little one will be good enough for me!

One and Doll said...

Ergo. . .we are hoping to get an ERGO. . . so this posting is really good. I was thinking a sling wouldn't do well with my bag- as all sling bags i have ever used eventually start bothering my back-but everything I've read Highly recommends this. . .so I am into it! Thanks for the posting.