Friday, February 13, 2009

A Valentines Day Trip

Ben and I are going away tonight-- just the two of us, which is a first since Zosia has been born (18 months ago!), and probably a last until way after this next baby is going to come. I'm really excited about it! A whole valentines day trip with my hubby! We're going to a restaurant in Middleburg which is a cute little town half way between here and the mountains (although more mountain-y), and then staying at a B&B and hopefully going for a nice hike tomorrow morning before heading home. We'll see how I hold up, since these days I'm feeling more pregnant than ever, but I have always remain convinced that nothing gets the baby quite as ready for coming out as doing some good walking, so hopefully this will be a step in that direction!

My mom is coming to stay with Zosia, which should be fun and wonderful for both of them. Zosia doesn't love anyone quite like she loves her "baba", so I think she'll do just fine here in her own home with her beloved grandma. As with all firsts, I'm a little anxious about how Zosia will do, and a little nervous that she's not ready. But, I have to remind myself that she is a very independent little toddler, very sure of our love and commitment to her, and also generally more ready for her "milestones" than I seem to be (weaning being the perfect example).

Happy Valentines Day! I'll be sure to post some pictures when we get home.

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One and Doll said...

Yay yay yay! It's wonderful that you guys are going away and celebrating love! Frankly, I think you can consider Zosia and your mom to be having their own little celebration of love as well! It sounds wonderful!