Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This week's big toddler adventure has been potty training. I should say that neither Ben nor I care at all when Zosia is potty trained. I feel like it's one of those things that all kids eventually do, and as long as she's grown out of diapers by the time she's old enough to be teased by classmates, I'm okay with it. But, our precocious little tot seems to be very excited about the prospect. It might be that if she does go on the potty, she gets an "m&m" (please suspend judgment until you have a toddler that occasionally requires extreme measures for motivation), which she calls a "myum-myum." Or it might be this little book that is among her favorites that stars a little girl that uses the toilet like a big girl. Or, it might just be that she has lately insisted on being totally naked at every opportunity, which means de facto that we have to keep track of where she pees (this is probably the real reason).

So, it's exciting, but as with many of Z's milestones, feels like it is coming a little bit too soon. And it's messy. Pardon the sophmoric language, but "number 2" is much more reliably done on the potty, and we usually have a few grunts of warning before she actually produces. But it feels like our entire house has turned into a free-for-all toilet for "number 1". There's some logic to Zosia's choices of where to pee. Like today, she climbed onto the actual toilet and peed (perfect, right?), but the cover was still on, so pee got all over the bathroom. Or she sat down in her favorite little kid chair in the living room and peed (I guess she's realized that peeing is done on chairs). And then about five minutes later she went and peed right by the trash can in the kitchen (human waste and kitchen waste are practically cousins, after all).

So aside from navigating the increasingly awkward stage of being pregnant, I am now a pregnant woman who feels covered in pee. And unexpectedly steps on puddles of pee all over her house. Thankfully, Selma has realized that Zosia creates messes around, and will often follow around after her and do part of the clean up for me (remind me never ever ever to kiss Selma again). But the whole thing is kind of gross. And makes me remember that embodiment is not only beautiful but also very messy.

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