Thursday, January 8, 2009


A World of Bargains

Asian Supermarkets Attract Chefs and the Budget-Minded
By Melissa McCart
Special to The Washington Post
Wednesday, January 7, 2009; Page F01

It's a busy Saturday morning at the Super H Mart in Fairfax City, where scores of people navigate carts down aisles, stocking up on the week's groceries. In the center of the seafood section, Yoon-Hee Heather Choi, a native of Seoul and a Fairfax resident since 1993, holds court as she leans over ice-filled bins showcasing the day's catch: silver mackerel, shimmery saury and whole squid, eyes aligned like dominoes.

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Check out our local grocery store! Woo hoo! This place rocks. It would be our only grocery store were it not for the fact that some basic staples are not available there. But as far as produce, fish, and soy sauce goes, this store can't be beat.

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