Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Keeping a Schedule

In recent years, I have never really kept a set schedule. During grad school, every day was different, and I was happy to go along with it. There were certain things that were set in stone, like having dinner with Ben in the evening and taking Selma for a walk together, but the days were pretty fluid. But these days, while I have resisted having a really strict schedule, I do find that my days have a certain ebb and flow that is pretty consistent. A typical day might go something like this:

Wake up, have breakfast, play with Z and get some chores done (occasionally baking bread), take a shower while Z enjoys some alone time or a video, snack
Late morning:
Get out of the house, take a walk, go to the library, coffee shop, store, or some other place, have a playdate
Mid day:
lunch, and then a nap (these days it's a nap for both of us)
take a bath with Z, snack, do some work from home or around the house while Z plays, spend some time playing with Z, walk down to the metro to pick up Ben or drive and pick him up, make dinner
dinner together, spend family time together, Ben puts Z to bed while I write or take Selma for a walk, hang out with Ben and relax

Having a baby around definitely puts you on more of a schedule (wake up times and nap times set a very concrete rhythm to your day), and I think I actually like this. I honestly feel like I might even enjoy having a little more of a set schedule to my days/weeks, but approach the topic with uncertainty. Does anyone have any ideas or advice about keeping a schedule?

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