Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today I was thinking about writing about violence, but have honestly felt so inundated by violent images and stories these past few days that I think I'm going to have to wait to go there. So, instead, I thought I would instead mention the incredible joy that it has been to be living within a strong community of support-- something that Ben and I have been lucky enough to do for several years now, both in Boston and here in DC.

Community is an amazing thing. This afternoon as I write this, for example, I can say that I have an impeccably clean house (even the bathroom! and that is a miracle), there are two loaves of freshly baked bread cooling in the kitchen, and I have a tired baby sleeping in the room next to me. And all of this is entirely because of community-- my dad, namely, who dropped by this morning to take Zosia out for a walk so I could get a few things taken care of around the house.

It is amazing to know that there are so many people around us that Ben and I love and fully trust-- and to know that Zosia is growing up knowing that love is something that comes from all sorts of people and relationships.

So, in keeping with the lighter tone of today's post, here are a few pictures of my growing baby bump, doing yoga with Zosia, and Zosia pre-walk with her dziadzius:

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