Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I'm not huge into New Years Resolutions, and somehow have never been that great at keeping them. I feel like part of the problem is that New-Yearsy kinds of things are often not things that I want or need to keep up for a full year, so they just fade out eventually or are replaced by other things. But, I do love the opportunity to sit down and reflect on life and try to find ways to live it more purposefully and meaningfully. There are no promises I'll keep my resolutions for the full year, but here it goes.

During Advent, Ben and I have a regular spiritual practice of beginning each day with an advent reading, scripture passage, and prayer. I love this, and feel like I really could use some sort of grounding going into each day-- especially these days when I feel like my life is generally lived moment to moment. So I'm going to try to figure something out this week-- it might be some centering prayer in the morning, doing the daily gospel reading, or finding a book with daily passages. I'm not sure yet.

My second resolution is something I'm hoping I can keep: no babies beyond this one in the oven right now! ;-) I love kids, but I'm thinking Ben and I will need to stop to catch our breaths come April.

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