Monday, December 29, 2008

Small House

Changes in the economy may mean that McMansions are officially out of style. Check out these two articles:
As McMansions Begin to Die Off, Look to the Past for Housing's Future
Recession Should Change Tastes
This comes as no surprise to me, because I've never been a fan of the large, treeless neighborhoods that seem to populate the majority of DC's exurbs. Our little three bedroom rambler is perfect. Here are some of the reasons that we actually prefer living in close quarters:

1. We don't need a baby monitor
2. When we're at home, the whole family is automatically together
3. We need less furniture
4. We get creative about using our space
5. I can usually holler from any point in the house and be heard by Ben in any other point of the house.
6. It feels safe to know that Zosia is always close by
7. If anyone tried to break into the house, we would know
It's easier to heat and cool
9. It's way easier to clean
10. It feels cozy in the winter

Now, that being said, I also recognize that we live much more spaciously than many people around the world-- the majority of which share a single room. Having some space is nice. It makes having a life after the baby goes to sleep easier (although we still feel like we have to tip-toe to keep from waking her up), gives me and Ben more privacy and better rest at night, and allows us to simultaneously engage in different activities at the same time. Like right now, I'm writing, and Ben is changing Zosia's diaper in the other room. But having enough space to live comfortably is quite different than the extreme of the McMansion, where whole families can go days without even seeing one another.

So three cheers for the end of the McMansion era! And bring on some cute small houses.

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Robbie Pruitt said...

I love this small house idea! I saw a whole show on this thing. Very cool.