The Daily Read

I find so much inspiration out there!  Here are some blogs I visit... an ever-growing list (and not inclusive: I'm working to make it more comprehensive!)  If you're visiting and have your own blog, please leave a link in the comments!  I would love to drop in for a visit.

Are So Happy 
Bibs in the City
Design to Shine
Did I 
Here Where I Have Landed
A Holy Experience
Irene's Art
Knitter Mama 
Lady of the Arts
Light and Macaroni
Mod Object at Home
Mommy Honesty
My Two Mites
Once Upon A Parent
Small Things
Soule Mama
Sweet Nest
Thrift at Home
The Yellow Door Paperie
Young Ones


heather said...

check her out. she just recently started blogging again, and i'm so glad!

heather said...

check her out too. my sister turned me onto her. she is awesome in so many ways.

Suz said...

Lovely idea!

Lady Ren said...

Aww thanks- I read your blog everyday- I like the new way everything is set up.

Naila Francis said...

I love the beauty you capture in so many ordinary moments and the way your cherish life...and I marvel at how you raise all these little ones with such humor and grace but I suppose that's what it's all about.

Thanks for the invitation to share our writing, too!