Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Josephine at Six Months

Josephine is six months old, which feels kind of incomprehensible.  It feels incomprehensible, because how is she sitting up already?  How is she scooting like a little inch worm with her bottom high up in the air, and then her little legs thrusting her forward one little bit at a time?  But then it also feels incomprehensible, because how could we have not yet known her just a few months ago?  It feels like she's always been in this family, with her easy smile and bright eyes.  So let me tell you a little more about Josephine, this baby of ours.

The kids all call her "Jo Jo," and when you say it, she smiles and coos and knows exactly who you're talking about.  And when I come into the room with her (because I am usually carrying her with me when she's awake), all the kids gather around and eagerly say "Jo Jo! Jo Jo!" and it's a competition to see who she will look at.  The tactics have become somewhat extreme, with squeaky voices and growly voices, and even though I often hold her a little closer as if all of the commotion would upset her, she loves every bit of it.  She smiles bigger, and lets out a big laugh, because who am I kidding?  This is the sixth child in a lively and boisterous family.  Commotion is her middle name.

You would not be wrong to say she is a little spoiled.  She is always in someone's arms, or surrounded by many kids.  She is usually sleeping right next to me or close by, and she nurses often but doesn't eat solid foods yet.  Maybe I relish these opportunities because they came less naturally with the twins (co-sleeping with two babies was a puzzle I could never solve), or maybe it's Josephine's mellow and cheerful temperament, but at this rate I will seriously be that mom who is rocking an 18 year old to sleep, I am enjoying every single minutes of it that much.

She is also probably our most out and about baby, not only because she was born in a state across the country from home, but because we bring her with us everywhere.  She started spending days on the beach when she was just a few weeks old, and you are still likely to find her poolside, or out on a walk with us, or on a daytrip, weekend trip, or jog.  People say her skin looks olive, but it's just her California baby tan, and if you ask Ben about it, he will proudly pull apart the roll on her chubby little wrist and show you how white her skin is.  

I hate to go on and on about my baby, but you guys!  Baby smiles!  Chubby wrists!  Total sweetness, I could talk about it all day.  I will accept the eye rolls.  :-)

(And I'm still lobbying for her to be called Josie!  I may be outnumbered, I'll let you know how it goes.  And for those of you who are curious, here are a few of the other kids at six months.  I see both Lily and Hugo in her!)


Val said...

This is about my favorite age for babies. They're such chubby dumplings then. :) Your Josie is adorable. (I love "Josie" too, so I'll hope that it catches on in your family.) ;)

Kara Tedder said...

She is precious Adele! I love seeing your other kiddos at this age. Our first little gal, Summer Faith, is just 2 months away from this 6 month mark...! ::whuzza?!:: No eye rolling from this Momma, gush on!

Adele said...

I'm with you, Val! It's the very best, 6 months is my dream age. :-)

Adele said...

Kara, these babies have this terrible habit of getting big! :-) Happy (almost) six months to Summer Faith!