Saturday, December 3, 2011

At This Age

Ben and I spent the other evening looking through old family photos, and it tickled me to come across some pictures of each child at almost six months. Can't you just see each budding personality in those eyes (above: Zosia, Lily, and Hugo)? And those cheeks! I'm glad to know that at least some of my babies had nice chubby baby cheeks. Come on Hugo, you've clearly got to up your game!

Ah, six months is just on the cusp of something new. I'm too curious to know what the future holds for this little one.


Aindrea said...

I love your babies. I especially love how they seem to keep a lot of their features as they grow, you know what I mean? Baby Zosia is clearly Big Girl Zosia, and Baby Lilly especially looks like Big Girl Lilly. Baby Hugo will most definitely be a heartbreaker!

Adele said...

Aindrea, you're too sweet! I agree: each does have their own look... albeit with slightly smaller cheeks. :-)