Thursday, January 14, 2016

Twins Turning Two

Dorothy and Clara turned two the day after Christmas.  We happened to have all of our family still here, and so we made it a festive family day with cupcakes and a pinata and party hats and noise makers.  We took a day off of the presents part of the "twelve days of Christmas" for everyone else to give some semblance of this being Clara and Dorothy's day (I think I see a half birthday tradition emerging in the near future).  And despite all of my best efforts, looking back, it does sort of blend in with the celebratory, wonderful, exciting season of Christmas.  

But I think that for our family, Christmas will always contain the story of their births within it.  Rushing to the hospital the night of Christmas day, our Christmas train under the tree and wrapping paper still littering the rug.  Praying and praying for a safe delivery on the way to the hospital, driving through the desolate midnight streets of Washington DC, festively lit for the holiday, the words of this obscure carol stuck in my head.  They were born in a dark room lit by a single string of Christmas lights, first Clara, and then Dorothy, on her own time, some two and a half hours later.

And just as our Christmas will always contain these two ladies within it, so too will our family, which has expanded to fit Miss Clara and Dorothy quite comfortably.  They are communicative and attentive and playful and very securely attached to the the many people in their lives who love them.  Both are very independent, capable, and pretty easy going.  And while they are transforming with every passing day, today I would say that Clara is adaptable, fearless, and filled with curiosity and adventure.  Dorothy is silly, loyal, and a little more sentimental.

And somewhere in the craziness of having two one year olds under a single roof, we have started to notice the very subtle magic that exists in the relationship between these two ladies.  There is a loyalty and awareness and selflessness between them that surfaces every now and then which takes us all by surprise, and I just can't wait to see what it blossoms into.

Happy birthday to my sweet, mischievous, girls.  We absolutely adore you.

(and for those of you on baby watch for our newest addition, no baby yet!  Just hanging out, enjoying our final days as a family of seven and absolutely dying from the curiosity of who this person is going to be!)


Oregon-Mama said...

Lovely, lovely girls. Ah! I didn't realize you were so close to having baby! It feels like you just announced it! Oh sweet Adele, I will be praying for a beautiful and safe delivery!

Lauren Oliver said...

Happy birthday to the twins! Glad you all had a long celebration week with family! Please give my love to all, especially Lily! And, blessings for delivery of number 6! =)