Thursday, June 26, 2014

On a Summer Evening

Last night we found ourselves at a string band concert with friends.  It made me so happy to be out in the fresh air with beautiful music (like an authentic version of Wagon Wheel, pre country music days, does anyone know what I'm talking about?  Something like this, minus the incredibly awesome and sexy hoola hooping, unfortunately), on a picnic blanket with take out Peruvian chicken, surrounded by a lot of sun visors, and some of the radest lawn chairs I have ever seen.  The children ran around all night making discoveries and dancing like no one was looking, and the babies just hung out looking cute and almost crawling everywhere, because that is what they do best.  I think I have about a week of immobility left, and then it's baby proofing time.  Yikes!

We have been taking advantage of the long days, letting the kids stay up a little late to catch fireflies, and generally saying yes to spontaneity as much as possible, whether it's catching gelato with friends, or going for an evening swim.  It has been wonderful and full and makes for some incredibly exhausted collapses into bed at the end of the day.  That's what summer is all about, isn't it?

I hope that summer has brought you equally delightful adventures!  And while I mean to check in here a little more often than the once a week I've been managing,  you can find me on the day to day over here!


Margo said...

I would dearly love some lawnchairs like that but my husband would die of embarrassment. Humph.

Can't believe the babies are almost mobile! Wheeee - look out!

Adele said...

I am in love with those lawn chairs! I have been keeping my eyes peeled for some at the thrift store, and have had no luck, and it's hard to find them at the store. If I ever find one, I will use it with pride! :-)

JLynn said...

These lawn chairs aren't as colorful, but they're definitely vintage inspired!

Adele said...

Those lawn chairs are great! I am now officially saving my pennies for two. On the plus side, they seem to last forever, so hopefully one set will last indefinitely. :-)