Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Weekend for the Boys

When asked whether he would prefer to have a big party or go the fire station for his third birthday, Hugo's response was immediate.  Fire station.  Definitely.  To see the "wee-noo"s, which is what he has called fire trucks since before he really talked (because they go "wee-noo-wee-noo", of course :-).  Macaroni and cheese and steak for dinner as the birthday menu, followed by chocolate cake, all dreamed up by the birthday boy.  In the end, he spent nearly the whole day being doted upon by his sisters, who were so eager to give him a special birthday. After three years of parading around in mismatched girls dress up clothes, he finally received some fun boy dress up clothes, which of course the girls also love dressing up in.  A police man, a superhero, and a knight.  I do believe we're entering into the world of knights, dragons, and castles, and I'm pretty thrilled.

Ben's wish for Father's day was to have a really good sandwich for lunch and go to the pool. I love how laid back and easygoing these men in the family are!  It makes my job so easy.  So we did have what I must admit was a pretty amazing sandwich (grilled chicken, roasted peppers, cheddar cheese, bacon and mayonnaise on french bread.  Amazing) and spent the afternoon at the pool, where we have been hard at work "dunking the babies," as Zosia or Lily might put it.  Speaking of swimming babies, check this out (thanks MD!)!  I think I need to get a disposable underwater camera!

Today is hot hot hot, and it looks like there's more heat coming our way.  I'm guessing our afternoon will involve popsicles and the baby pool in the back yard, what about you?


Dafna Y. said...

All these pics of swimming babies really make me wanna dunk my baby, too :)
How soon is too soon, do you think? He'll be 4 months in a week, but I've read that you shouldn't take them to public pools or lakes for fear of bacterial infections...

You have a beautiful family. I love reading all about you.

Thank you!

Adele said...

Dafna, great question! I'm not sure I have the perfect answer. As far as getting acclimated to the water, four months is the perfect age, but I would make sure you feel comfortable with the water. A well managed pool or trusted natural body of water should be fine. Or, at the very least, a bathtub is a great place to start! Good luck! :-)