Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Holiday Swap

It all started the other week when I invited some neighbors over to watch the Kentucky Derby.  I sat down one morning, and, through my mother-of-twins-sleep-deprived-eyes typed out the email and pressed send.  Done and done.  I bought the pork shoulder and the pie making ingredients.  Ben bought the bourbon for the mint juleps.  Friday morning I got a text from Ben: did I realize that I had actually invited everyone for next weekend, as in, the weekend after the actual Kentucky derby?  What!  Yikes, Adele!  Good news was that no one seemed to mind.  We had planned on hosting a toddler race and a pie competition to go along with the festivities.  And most of the neighbors had responded that they could make.  So we decided to go with the flow and keep our gathering just as it was, one week late.

Now, as most of you know, next weekend is Mother's Day.  We are super lucky to live close to both of our mothers and are usually are excited to do something special for them on that day: a picnic, a special lunch, something together.  Ben always wants to make me special meals and a relaxing day, but we're too busy having fun!  And as I'm not one to be too sentimental about proper dates, we decided to do something crazy.  We would switch the Kentucky Derby (already accomplished thanks to me!) and our own little nuclear family's Mother's Day.

On Sunday morning I was awoken to the smell of something yeasty, sweet, and delicious.  Two warm little bodies piled into my bed and beckoned me to come for breakfast: waffles, coffee, and mimosas (amazing).  For the first time we took everyone, babies included, to church together, rather than tag teaming.  Of course we were thrilled to show the babies off, and there were so many friends and parishioners who had never met Dorothy or Clara.  The babies loved it!  A leisurely stroll through the neighborhood later, lunch was my favorite, cream cheese and lox sandwiches.  And after dinner of course we had to try out our mint julep recipe.  You know, for scientific purposes.  Such a sweet and understated day, with plenty of rest.  Although come on, Ben, no napping with babies on the couch!  There are rules about this sort of thing!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!  Did you have fun watching the Kentucky Derby?

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