Thursday, May 1, 2014

Babies, Bowling, Boo boos


I thought I had nothing pretty to show you guys this week, and then this happened.  Oh my goodness.  These two are the sweetest little things I could imagine (not that I'm biased or anything).  Blond haired, blue eyed identical twin girls.  And I thought I never won anything.


We took Lily bowling with some friends this weekend for her special fifth birthday treat.  She had a perfectly clear vision of what being five entails, and it definitely involved bowling.  Of course bowling with little kids is really fun.  It was pretty awesome to watch everyone figure things out (I do believe Hugo managed to bowl in our lane one time, but definitely most of the time in other unused lanes).  And I maintain my assertion that there is an entirely different technique to bowling with bumpers!  I swear, it's all about the zig zag, people.


My kids have a very cool aunt, who always seems to come up with just the perfect gift for every occasion.  For Lily's birthday, she sent her some "real make up!"  as the girls seem to tell everyone, including eye shadow and lip gloss.  So, as you can see, they wasted no time in becoming absolutely beautiful.  I wish I had a picture of Hugo, who was also covered in a rainbow of colors (oh, son of mine with four sisters, I am so sorry for what we will put you through!).  And just to show that Hugo doesn't mind, there he is playing dinosaurs with Ben. 


Can anyone guess who that is with scrapes all over her knees to welcome the spring season?

ding ding ding!  You guessed right if you said Lily!  She looks like Ben's side of the family, but is as tough as the women in mine.  She will wipe out hard enough to make adults gasp and even scream (not me, I have learned to keep it cool), and then brush off her shoulders and resume play as if nothing happened.  Tough as nails, that one.  Oh, and the rain boots.  It is muddy out there!  

And would any of you consider helping out the Gama family?  The kids and I were lucky enough to meet Katrina and the boys when I was pregnant with the twins and she was pregnant with Shaela.  It sounds like they've had quite a trying few months.  My prayers are with their baby girl!

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Melissa said...

Oh, those twins! I had to stare at that first picture for quite some time—they are just so darned fetching! You're right, who said you never win anything? :-D

Margo said...

oh my word, those baby girls are so sweet! They look so happy.

We got our girl REAL makeup for her birthday (8th) and that is the best gift! She's not allowed to wear it out of the house, but boy does she have fun with it inside and with friends who come over. It encourages girlishness and creativity and sometimes we talk about how the woman is more important than the makeup and she seems to get it :)

I have a boy who is tough like your Lily. Oh my word, that kid. His latest was landing on his head instead of his feet when he jumped off a concrete wall onto concrete. sighhhhh All fine (thank goodness for my sister the nurse and my best friend's husband the doctor).

wheeee, I had a lot to say!

Adele said...

Thank you, ladies! Margo, I'm with you, this make up thing can be great! Our current rule is only after we're home for the day, and it comes off in the bath.

These tough kids are so resilient and make me wish I had a degree in nursing! Maybe an online field first aid class for parents of daredevils? What do you think?

Karen Moya said...

Adele, they are all so precious! I love seeing the pics & we can't wait to see you all next weekend!!

Adele said...

Thanks, Karen. Me too! Can you believe all these babies of ours are 4 months!!

Angela said...

Beautiful girls!those twins are really very sweet...

Adele said...

Thank you, Angela!