Monday, February 24, 2014


Clara and Dorothy were baptized on Saturday.  Brought forth to new life.  "Made a child of God," as Zosia explained to me.  "Made holy," as Lily put it.  Amid cries (theirs) and mistakes (the priest's, who accidentally switched their names!).  It was the perfect type of sacrament, the one where God breaks through into the totally ordinary, the mundane, the messy.  I held Dorothy as water was poured over her, and she grew silent and looked up with wide eyes.  Curious, awake, and trusting.  We are so lucky to have these two beautiful eternal souls placed in our family.  To be surrounded by a community that loves and supports both us and them as we seek to find God in our midst.  

In the afternoon, back at home, Clara and Dorothy's faces opened into the most beautiful wide smiles.  Their first true smiles on a most joyful day.


Angela said...

1Very Lovely- best wishes for those two sweet girls!

Adele said...

Than you Angela!