Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dorothy and Clara

It has been such an exciting week!  Christmas, delivering twins, and then bringing them home.  New Years Eve fell somewhere in there, but Ben and I were blissfully sleeping when the clock struck midnight.  We have loved getting to know these two ladies, through all the ups and downs of the first week with newborns.  There have been a couple of sleepless nights, very busy days with both of us parents perpetually holding a twin, and in the midst of it all such joy.  In the end, it turns out that Dorothy and Clara are sweet, mild mannered little girls, and while every day continues to be a little different, we are finding our groove.  

It is so nice to all be home together, getting to know our newest family members while spending time with the older ones.  Having a baby is amazing: you spend so much time and energy incubating a creating a human being, only for that baby to be the ultimate surprise present.  What will she look like?  What will she like and dislike?  What will her personality be like?  It really does feel  like a incredible present, one that you get to open and discover over a lifetime.

One thing that seems to make everything easier is that these two are of one mind on almost everything (I guess there's a reason they call them identical?).  They like to sleep at the same time, nurse at the same time, be entertained at the same time.  They find the same toys amusing, nurse in exactly the same way, cry in the same way.  When they wake up and we unswaddle them, they stretch their tiny little arms in exactly the same way.  It feels halfway between having one baby and two, because it's not like we're catering to two really different babies, but just two times one baby.  What a funny thing.

The twins have just figured out daytime verses nighttime, which means that Ben and I are both feeling much more rested.  Ah, just one good night's sleep makes me feel like I can take on the world!  I'm just getting around to uploading pictures, and hope to be back here in the coming days with more pictures and stories (maybe even a birth story if I have a moment to write it down!).  Between friends and family offering help, love and support, we have felt so surrounded by love.  And looking down to see these two adoring faces in our arms is nothing short of amazing.  It is a wonderful time.


One and Doll said...

Oh friend they sounds amazing! Thank you for taking a moment to write a bit! I am so curious about how you all are doing and what is going on in the Collins world! I am so happy you are feeling loved and meeting these new little women! Love to you all!

Melissa said...

They are just beautiful, and your words about them are, too. Thank you so much!

Adele said...

Of course! It's so nice to be able to reflect on these days in this space, and I have also learned that after the fog of these early newborn days has settled, it's really nice to have some sort of documentation of each passing day. :-)