Friday, October 4, 2013

26 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

I definitely felt pretty accomplished to travel across the country without much drama at 26 weeks pregnant.  It turns out that the stewardesses of the world agree with the cashiers of the world that this is definitely going to be a single boy (I have yet to have a pregnancy when this prediction has not been given to me.  I think it just has something to do with the way I carry babies?).  Given the surprises these babies have had for us, I will just say never say never.  Although I'm still thinking it's probably two girls.

I did manage to make up for my low drama trip with a very dramatic visit to the doctor's office in which I fainted.  Ben and I have had a cold the past week, and after a miserable night, I went in to get a strep test just to be safe.  The test came back negative, but as I was waiting for the results, I suddenly felt really horrible, and fainted on my way to the bathroom.  I seriously felt sorry for the doctor, who seemed much more distraught than I was.  I mean, a woman, pregnant with twins, fainting right there in your office.  It turns out my blood pressure, which is low to begin with, had dropped quite dramatically, probably due to slight dehydration.  Several cups of gatorade seemed to level that out, and one day later I'm feeling just fine and Ben and I are both on the mend, and the babies are still bouncing around, happy as can be.

The kids continue to be quite excited about the new additions to the family, and Hugo in particular has been excited to talk about the "couple" babies in mama's tummy.  Couple (pronounced "cupum" by Hugo) is a catch-all phrase for "many" or "more."  As in, "Couple pop corn!" or  "Couple water!"  which an onlooker might think means "Cup of water," but definitely just means "I need a lot of water."  So yes, there are definitely a lot of babies in mama's tummy, which is juxtaposed to the single baby that is in Hugo's tummy.  We have tried to explain how things really are, but there is no use.  Although this is one of those lessons that time will give.

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Melissa said...

Yeah, they get like that sometimes, don't they? John Paul was convinced that there were two boys in Rosie's tummy. He named them Ezra and Nehemiah. (Meg was especially amused at that.) When he heard that they were girls, he was Not Pleased. I think he's gotten over it now, though you can bet he'll be agitating for a boy the next time his parents get pregnant!