Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


My parents went to the beach and I asked them to bring us back some shells.  Hugo has been very happily sorting the shells into "families" during the big girls school time.  Each family always has at least a daddy and a baby, and Hugo definitely considers himself to be the baby of that grouping.


Zosia has started begging me to let her silently read books during school time.  To which I have to feign resignation as I say "Well, okay, but just today."  It is such a joy to see her discover the world of reading, zipping through chapter books in a single day.  This is definitely why we are homeschooling.


If it weren't for the fact that a 2 year old Lily probably would have been right along side Hugo, this picture could be a tutorial on the differences between boys and girls.  I am quite sure that in his imagination, Hugo was scaling the wall to do some sort of construction repair work. 


Warning: gross toddler story below.

One of Ben's coworkers hosted a company picnic on Sunday, which was so much fun.  Ben was the first employee in a tiny startup created by a few guys from our highschool.  When he started working there two years ago, we had no idea whether they would even be able to build what they were attempting to build (they did) or whether they would still be around today (they are).  Actually, they have so many employees that I lose count (is it eighteen?), and where once we were the only family with little children, now everyone has little kids and babies.  It is such fun to all get together and watch the little ones play.  There are baby bumps, and newlyweds, and so many cute dogs.

Anyway, on Sunday the kids were having so much fun.  The girls found some big kids to play chess wit them, and Hugo found the chocolate milk.  Seriously, every time I looked at the kid he was drinking chocolate milk.  Was it one box?  Two boxes?  Five?  No one knows.  Anyway, later on, whenever I looked at Hugo, he was being swung around like some sort of circus performer by his daddy.  Which is just as it should be.  Chocolate milk and wild swinging.

Well, just as we were all rounding up to go, you guessed it, our sweet little boy up and barfed chocolate milk all over the stairs.  Etiquette lesson from Hugo: there is nothing like a dramatic exit to solidify yourself in a new acquaintance's memory.

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Rebecca said...

I have lived through a few barf visits and it ain't pretty.

Loved that picture of your girl reading and the one of your little guy scaling mountains.

Such a fun read!

Melissa said...

Oh, golly, this reminds me of a wonderful story of Andrew and John Paul! Andrew had been playing with baby John Paul (maybe nine months old?) really hard. Then he picked John Paul up, lay down, and swung John Paul way up in the air, right over his face.

I tried to warn him. I really did.


Oh, the sight of Andrew with baby barf all over his eyes and nose for about two seconds! Oh, man, such a privilege! ::happy sigh::

Okay, I will now be a model Christian matron and say how sad it was that a fine upstanding well-groomed alumnus (of TJ, Northwestern, and William & Mary), tenor, and lawyer had to experience his baby's regurgitative function in such an unfortunate manner.

Right. That's it.

Adele said...

Yes, the barf stories are never fun to live through (but sometimes fun to recount :-).